Lindsay Lohan Skipped Alcohol Education Classes, Hearing Reveals

In an impassioned letter, actress' estranged dad asks court to send his daughter to an inpatient rehab facility.

It was a rough day in court for [artist id="1737245"]Lindsay Lohan[/artist] on Tuesday (July 6) during an appearance to determine whether she violated her probation in a 2007 DUI case. The hearing turned into an hours-long marathon that featured an impassioned letter from the "Mean Girls" star's estranged father and allegations that she'd skipped court-mandated alcohol-education classes and broke her probation by drinking.

According to TMZ, the co-owner of the Right On program — where Lohan was supposed to be attending alcohol-education classes once a week — said Lindsay violated the program several times by failing to attend the courses. In both May and August 2009, Right On's Cheryl Marshall told the judge that Lohan was not in compliance with the program and had deemed her excuses for missing classes as "endless and disrespectful." In all, Marshall told judge Marsha Revel that Lohan missed classes on nine separate occasions.

Conscious of not starting off on the wrong foot with the judge, Lohan, 24, showed up to court 10 minutes early, dressed in a conservative black T-shirt and dark slacks.

Some things went Lohan's way, though, as when Revel ruled that prosecutors could not present alleged eyewitness evidence that Lindsay was drinking at an MTV Movie Awards afterparty on June 7, the night her SCRAM bracelet went off, signaling the presence of alcohol. People magazine reported that Judge Revel said Lohan's blood alcohol level tested "at .03 just before midnight on June 7, and by 4 a.m. it was back to zero." Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, argued that the alert may have been a false reading. If Lohan is found guilty of violating her probation, she could face up to six months in jail.

TMZ also reported that Lohan — who was reportedly punched in the face during a birthday celebration at a Los Angeles bar last week — was served with papers in a civil lawsuit on her way into the courthouse for Tuesday morning's session. In that suit, she is being sued for allegedly not paying for more than $17,000 worth of clothing and accessories from a store called Church.

Though Revel would not let father Michael Lohan read his letter in court, TMZ reportedly obtained a copy of the document, in which Michael begs the judge to make sure Lindsay's prescription-drug use is carefully monitored. Knowing that Revel could send his daughter to jail for the alleged violations, Lohan begged the court to avoid that measure on a number of grounds.

"Your honor is aware that because of the current overcrowding in Los Angeles jails, misdemeanor, non-violent offenders like Lindsay serve only a fraction of their terms," read the letter from Michael Lohan's attorney. "In Lindsay's case, her last term of incarceration lasted only 84 minutes. This not only made a laughingstock of our criminal justice system in the eyes of the world ... but taught her that jail is a revolving door and poses no real threat or deterrent."

Should Revel find Lohan guilty, Michael asked that the judge consider sending his daughter to a "very private" inpatient residential rehab facility in New York, which, unlike the other rehabs Lindsay's been to, would include family therapy. If Lohan was not found guilty, Michael supports an order to make her keep wearing the SCRAM bracelet and receiving random drug tests.

Finally, "Michael also respectfully requests that Lindsay's prescription-drug use be carefully monitored via the random drug testing. As the court is well aware, prescription-drug abuse is an epidemic among young people. If prescription drugs are excluded from testing, Lindsay may use that loophole to become intoxicated and pose a danger to herself and others. Michael desperately wants to avoid seeing his daughter become the next Hollywood statistic."

At press time, Judge Revel had not yet ruled in the case.