Stones Make Up Missed MTV Date

Living legends perform inches from rabid fans.

Taking a temporary break from their extravagant, state-of-the-art "Bridges to Babylon" stadium tour, the Rolling Stones returned to their roots Saturday night and performed a sizzling 11-song set for a packed audience at an intimate club-like venue in Port Chester, N.Y.

The concert at the Capital Theater was part of the MTV's new live-music program "Live at the 10 Spot", which debuted on Oct. 14 with David Bowie as the last minute replacement for the Stones, who called in sick (Mick Jagger had a sore throat).

The crowd of about 2,000, consisting mostly of radio-contest winners, industry weasels and the media, was quickly whipped into a frenzy as the Stones began the night with two warm-up songs, "Honkey Tonk Woman" and "Let's Spend the Night Together" before the actual MTV live telecast began.

Jagger, not having to over-emphasize his body language with grandiose gestures for a stadium-size crowd, utilized every inch of the small stage and projected his raw, sexual energy to the crowd who were only inches from the rock 'n' roll legends.

A small barrier prevented fans from getting up on the stage, but still allowed them to frequently touch

Jagger, who had the crowd under his thumb and in his hands, literally, as he frequently slapped hands.

In order to prevent a scene at the venue, it's location was kept a secret until nearly the last minute, even from those invited to attend. The audience was bused to the Capital Theater from a pre-determined meeting

spot in New York City courtesy of the several radio stations that gave

tickets to contest winners.

Gathering shortly before 6 p. m., the concert goer's were reveling in their luck at winning tickets to the show. The bus ride seemed like an eternity, but the passengers let out a

deafening cheer as the venue marquee came into view with the words

"Tonight...MTV's Live at the 10 Spot with The Rolling Stones."

Fortysomething David Luftig, of Long Island, N.Y., sounded like a paid shill for MTV and the Stones as he gushed, "For some unknown reason, I never got the chance to see them. You can't top this though, the legendary Rolling Stones in a historic club appearance broadcast live on television...I couldn't have planned such an amazing night if I tried!"

After warming-up songs, the MTV telecast began. The songs delivered on-camera: "Tumbling Dice," "Anybody Seen My Baby" (the first single off Bridges To Babylon) "Sister Morphine," "Out of Control (another new song which is

quickly becoming a crowd favorite) and "Gimme Shelter", which showcased

long-time Stone's back-up singer Lisa Fischer.

After the telecast, the group offered the audience four classics: Chuck Berry's

"Little Queenie," "Start Me Up," "Jumping Jack Flash" and an encore of "Brown Sugar."

While bassist Darryl Jones rarely strayed from his position on stage, Mick and Keith roamed the stage all evening frequently singing and strumming their guitars just inches from the outstretched hands.

Jagger worked both the attending

audience and MTV viewers simultaneously, as a boom-mounted camera

swooped over the crowd and followed his every move.

"He sang right at me, right into my eyes" said Kelly Reeves, 33, of Long

Branch, NJ. "It was great seeing them last week at Giants Stadium but

tonight was incredible... I'll never forget it!"

"Nothing tops the Stones in a club," said Joe Myerson, 26, of Manhattan. Myerson, who also sounded like he was auditioning for a position as Stones' resident hypemeister, should know. He's seen five "Bridges To Babylon" stadium shows -- thus far. "No other band can come close to their well-deserved status as

the greatest rock 'n' roll band. For me, the Stones are rock 'n' roll

and tonight proved it once again." [Mon., Oct. 27, 1997, 9 a.m. PDT]