Paris Hilton Detained In South Africa For Marijuana Possession

The socialite's publicist says someone else in her group had the drugs.

[artist id="2024407"]Paris Hilton[/artist] was busted in South Africa at the World Cup for marijuana possession, The Associated Press reports.

Two South African police officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed to the AP that the socialite was detained in Port Elizabeth on Friday (July 2). "She was found in possession of some amount of dagga," an officer said. (Dagga is the local term for marijuana.) "We don't know how much. It's a high-profile person; only the top cops are dealing with it."

A police spokeswoman in Port Elizabeth, Marinda Mills, would not publicly confirm whether Hilton was detained. She did concede that a person was appearing in court who was "high profile," however, and referred to the notable detainee with the feminine pronouns "her" and "she," the AP reports.

"This person is appearing in court right now," Mills said. "We cannot reveal information about her until she has appeared in court. I am here with the individual in court. We're waiting for the court to start."

While it appears that the heiress did check out some soccer, she apparently got sidetracked. A Johannesburg radio report said the reality star was detained after the quarterfinal World Cup game between Brazil and Netherlands, outside of Nelson Mandela Bay stadium.

Hilton's publicist released the following statement: "Paris Hilton was questioned today by police in South Africa on allegations of smoking marijuana. However, I can confirm that the incident was a complete misunderstanding and it was actually another person in the group who did it. The case has been dropped against Paris and no charges will be made. The authorities have apologized for wrongfully accusing her since she had nothing to do with the incident. Paris is having an incredible time at the World Cup."

This isn't Hilton's first brush with the law. After violating her probation (which the star was slapped with for driving under the influence in 2006) by repeatedly driving with a suspended license, Hilton famously reported to jail directly after the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.