Guru's BET Awards Omission Due To A 'Technical Glitch,' Exec Says

Stephen Hill says late Gang Starr MC will be honored during BET Hip-Hop Awards in the fall.

The 2010 BET Awards had several memorable moments, including a diva-packed tribute to lifetime-achievement honoree Prince, a pregnant Alicia Keys rocking out harder than ever and comebacks from Kanye West, Chris Brown and El DeBarge.

However, viewers have been abuzz since Sunday's live broadcast about a moment that was noticeably absent from the show: a tribute honoring late lyricist Guru. A BET higher-up, however, has insisted that the lack of recognition for the Gang Starr MC, who succumbed to cancer earlier this year, was not an oversight but rather the product of a technical snafu.

"It was nothing more than a technical glitch," said BET Executive Vice President of Entertainment and Music Programming Stephen Hill, who was involved in staging the show, according to

Hill said the show had intended to honor other late stars but ran into issues with the tribute video. "It was the same reason you didn't see anything about Naomi Sims, a black model who passed, and Marvin Isley of the Isley Brothers. So Guru, Naomi Sims and Marvin Isley were all tied to this one [video] package that didn't fire off the way it was supposed to. What was supposed to happen is you see this package and Naomi and Guru and Marvin end up on Gary Coleman. For some reason, we couldn't get it to fire, and it kept Gary Coleman up there [as] a freeze [frame]," said Hill, referring to a moment in the show when an image of the late actor was displayed on a monitor.

"That's why it looks a little awkward when Todd [Bridges] started, because he was supposed to have a bit of a ramp-up," Hill explained, referencing Bridges' speech about his former "Diff'rent Strokes" co-star. "So Todd did his thing, and we continued on with [the] Lena [Horne] and Teddy Pendergrass [dedications]."

Hill assured fans that Guru would be properly honored at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, which typically air in the fall. "You can best believe there will be something significant for Guru during the Hip-Hop Awards. We realized there was nothing we could do [during the BET Awards]," Hill lamented. "We had to keep it moving after that technical glitch. Guru, Naomi Sims and Marvin Isley were all victims of that technical glitch, all extremely influential in different ways."

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