Kellan Lutz Says 'Eclipse' Has 'A Great Mix Of Romance And Action'

'It's great when Emmett's in there, and he's there to fight,' Lutz tells MTV News.

Kellan Lutz definitely has the build to pull off the most intense action scenes in "Eclipse," and the actor knows that the third "Twilight Saga" flick is Emmett Cullen's time to shine.

"I just love doing my own stunts," he told MTV News. "I love stunt work. It sucks that I can't rewrite the books and add more dialogue for Emmett, because I really do have more action scenes than dialogue. So it's great when 'Eclipse' came around, 'cause I do love the book the best, and I think it just had such a great mix of the romance and the action and the collaboration of the two.

"I love to work, so it's great when Emmett's in there, and he's there to fight," he added. "So I really just loved doing stunts."

When ideas were brewing about how to make the stunts happen in "Eclipse," Lutz was the go-to guy for experimentation.

"The producers know I like doing the stunts so much, to the point where they make me the guinea pig," he laughed. "So we were doing this treadmill running sequence, so you're wearing these contacts and you're breathing in exhaust from the truck, and it's cold as hell up there, and you're trying to run and not pant, 'cause I'm a vampire."

The cast has been quite vocal about upping the action ante in "Eclipse." Taylor Lautner recently revealed that it's the most "guy-friendly" of the "Twilight" flicks. "It's my favorite, because it's the most guy-friendly by far," Lautner explained. "It's dangerous. There's a lot of action. The romance is still there, but the action level is stepped up way more. It's great."

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