Flo Rida, David Guetta Talk 'Big' Single 'Club Can't Handle Me'

The French super-producer 'has been a guy who I look up to,' Flo tells MTV News of recruiting Guetta.

Since recording the internationally successful hip-hop/dance single

"Right Round," Flo Rida seems to have found the sound he'd like to follow on his next go-round. The rapper can now be included in an ever-expanding list of superstars turning to dance-music super-producer David Guetta in search of a song to set the club on fire.

We recently caught up with the new partners in crime on the Los Angeles video set for their collaboration, "Club Can't Handle Me." The song not only appears on the MC's upcoming album, The Only One, but it's also slated to be the lead single for Disney's "Step Up" threequel, "Step Up 3-D."

And working with Guetta means Flo's not in bad company: Rihanna, Akon, Kelly Rowland and the Black Eyed Peas are but a few of the folks who've partnered with Guetta during the French DJ's two-year ascension on the U.S. pop-music scene. With each song, Guetta's knack for getting folks to jump to their feet seems to grow stronger.

"David Guetta has been a guy who I look up to," Flo told MTV News. "He's definitely been big around the world and has always been there to let me know that my music is hot, and vice versa. So I definitely appreciate doing this big record with him."

"I was always playing a bootleg with 'Love Is Gone' [Guetta's original collabo with Kelly Rowland] and 'Low,' from him," Guetta recalled. "One day, his record company called me and asked me if I would produce records for him. I was like, 'Yeah! Of course! Because I knew it was working in every club I was playing already."

The video's backdrop is exactly what one might imagine from the title: an opulent, extravagant club party befitting a rap boss and world-renowned club DJ.

"This video right here is just, if you've ever dreamed about having the biggest party of your life, 'Club Can't Handle Me' definitely represents that," Flo said. "Lotta energy. Lot of diamonds, ice sculptures. Just showing that boss vibe. So I mean really, the club can't handle me."

But it was Guetta who probably summed it up best saying, "We are definitely both club people — it's like our office!" he laughed.

Flo Rida's forthcoming The Only One features production by Dr. Luke ("Right Round") and guest verses from Jay Rock and Lil Wayne.

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