Is Lady Gaga Team Edward Or Team Jacob? Monsters Weigh In

As 'Eclipse' opens nationwide, Gaga fans guess whether the pop star prefers vampires or werewolves.

June 30, 2010: A date that every single Twi-hard has had circled on their calendars since February 2009, when Summit Entertainment announced that it would be the day they'd release "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," the third film in the ultra-profitable series.

June 28, 2010: A date that every single little monster has had tattooed on their foreheads since this March, when Lady Gaga announced that it would be the day she'd be in Montreal to kick off the North American leg of her Monster Ball Tour, the latest run of her ultra-profitable jaunt.

Naturally, MTV News has been all over both of those dates, but never have we combined the phenomena ... until now.

When we were up in Montreal, we asked some of Gaga's little monsters a couple of "Twilight"-themed questions. First, do they think Gaga should contribute a song to the soundtrack of the next film in the series (that would, of course, be part one of "Breaking Dawn")? And, perhaps most pressing of all, is Lady Gaga on Team Edward or Team Jacob?

And while many we spoke to seemed to think Gaga should record a song for "Breaking Dawn" pronto (and it should be "scary," "sexy" and/or "bloody"), the issue of Edward v. Jacob proved to be slightly more divisive.

"She's definitely Team Jacob, because he's got a hot body [and] because he's hairy," Gaga fan Chiara Williamson said. "And she should totally do a song for the 'Twilight' [films]. ... I think it would be about boys. Vampire boys."

"She's Team Edward. ... She's all about the vampires," Shareejah Daley countered. "Her latest video ['Alejandro'] is more dark and vampire-y ... but, even if she was [Team Jacob], I'd still love her."

It was pretty heated. But as showtime drew closer, more and more little monsters came out in support of Team Jacob — so many that it wasn't even close by the time doors opened. And why would Gaga side with Jacob? For very compelling reasons, obviously.

"She's Team Jacob, because werewolves are so much sexier," Evelyn Barake laughed. "[And] they're bigger monsters than vampires."

"Team Jacob, because he's more of a monster," Danik Renaud added. "And [Gaga's] whole 'Paws up' thing. ... Jacob has paws, too."

Of course, not everyone was able to decide so easily. This is, after all, a pretty difficult question to handle on the spot. And just why should Gaga have to chose between just a vampire and a werewolf, really?

"This is so hard, because in the books, you're like 'Team Edward,' but in the movie, you're like 'Team Jacob,' " Ourania Zafiri sighed. "I'd say 'Team Jacob,' because he's hot. Or, I don't know. ... Maybe she's 'Team Bella.' "

Do you think Lady Gaga would be on either Twilighter team? Share your thoughts in the comments.