'Eclipse' Fans Are More 'Passionate' Than 'Spider-Man' Fans: Bryce Dallas Howard

'I feel, honestly, pressure being part of it, because you don't want to let anyone down,' 'Twilight' star says.

[movieperson id="329607"]Bryce Dallas Howard[/movieperson] has done the mega-blockbuster thing before, playing blond college gal Gwen Stacy in "Spider-Man 3." Making the publicity rounds for that film back in 2007, Howard encountered many a gleefully obsessed fan of the web-slinging wonderboy. Yet nothing could prepare her for the zealous intensity of the "Twilight" devotees she met after being cast as Victoria in "Eclipse."

"I feel, honestly, pressure being part of it, because you don't want to let anyone down," Howard told MTV News recently. "People, myself included, have stayed up at night reading the books over and over and over again, and watching the films over and over and over again, and really loving it so, so intensely. Whereas 'Spider-Man,' people are sentimental about it, they love it and are into it and that kind of stuff. Whereas this is passionate."

Adding to Howard's was the fact that she entered the "Twilight" universe in a controversial manner. Last July, Summit Entertainment suddenly recast the role of Victoria, booting Rachelle Lefevre from the franchise after two films and signing Howard to take over the part. Rather than inventing her own take on the character, Howard found herself altering her usual approach on set.

"[T]he role and the character have been established. It's so important to honor that in terms of the storytelling," she said. "When I do a film, I always have all these questions that I'm asking myself, and [for Victoria] someone has mastered that and answered all those questions. Why reinvent the wheel? She created an incredible character."

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