Ashley Greene May Join Miley Cyrus In 'LOL'

'Twilight' star in talks to play 'high school bad girl.'

"Eclipse" opens Wednesday (June 30), and the stars of the "Twilight" series are preparing for some time away from Stephenie Meyer's sparkly vampire universe. With the two-part "Breaking Dawn" not shooting until the end of this year, the actors are free to pursue other projects. [movieperson id="1014864"]Ashley Greene[/movieperson] is taking advantage of the break; she and "Hung" star Thomas Jane are both in talks to join Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in "LOL."

href="" target="_blank">The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Ashley Hinshaw and George Finn have joined the cast as well. "LOL" is a remake of the 2008 French movie "LOL (Laughing Out Loud)," directed by Lisa Azuelos. The story follows Cyrus as a teenager who was recently dumped by her boyfriend (Finn) and must deal with her divorced mother (Moore) and a range of other issues in her life. If cast, Greene will play a "high school bad girl" while Jane will play Cyrus' character's father.

Greene has a very busy schedule these days. In the midst of doing press for "Eclipse," she recently wrapped her work on the ensemble indie comedy "Butter," a story about a butter sculpting competition in the Midwest. She'll also star with "Harry Potter" actor Tom Felton next fall in the Todd Lincoln-directed horror thriller "The Apparition." Jane doesn't have any other announced upcoming features at the moment, but the second season of "Hung" kicked off this past Sunday.

Azuelos wrote and is set to direct the American-language remake of her 2008 film. The French original was her second solo effort as a director. Azuelos wrote and directed the French romantic comedy "Hey Good Looking!" in 2006; she also collaborated as co-writer and co-director with Patrick Alessandrin on the 1995 feature "Ainsi soient-elles."

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