'The Hills' Recap: Kristin Gets Her Flirt On In Costa Rica

Brody tries to play off his jealousy, and Audrina feels 'awkward' around Justin Bobby.

For the 100th episode of "The Hills," the gang (sans Lo) headed to Costa Rica for a little rest, relaxation and, of course, drama.

As everyone explored their posh tropical resort, Stephanie wasted no time pulling Audrina aside to see how comfortable (or uncomfortable) she felt vacationing with Justin Bobby, whom Audrina had been seeing more of since she and Ryan Cabrera broke up.

"It's a little romantic of a trip," Stephanie began. "Is that weird, since Justin is with us? Are you going to be OK?" For the most part, Audrina seemed unfazed, but she and Stephanie weren't the only ones chatting about a potential hookup.

"I think Justin and Audrina are probably going to hook up," Kristin declared, though the rest of the group seemed sure it would be Kristin and Brody doing the hooking up. But later, Kristin confided in Stacie that she had her doubts about Brody. Stacie's advice? "Flirt with every single guy here."

It didn't take long for Kristin to follow at least part of Stacie's advice as she got her flirt on with their lip-ringed bartender, Will. Brody was visibly irritated as Kristin told the bartender he was cute and accepted his invitation to hang out later that night — but Brody tried to play it off, saying, "I'm not going to get upset. I'm looking for chicks here too. You're like my little sister." Wow, harsh.

Perhaps inspired by Kristin's overtures, Justin Bobby began putting a few moves on Audrina. "You're so cute with your hair up," he complimented her. And later, as he was leaving the bar, he took it upon himself to grab Audrina's butt — both cheeks!

The next day, after an afternoon of surfing and ATV riding, everyone (including bartender Will) gathered for dinner. Sitting next to each other, Audrina asked JB why he'd been acting so strange lately.

"It was awkward last night," she said.

"I had my reasons for not being my normal self," Justin said, talking about Audrina's emotional baggage.

Brody again pretended not to be miffed by Will's presence, offering a toast to Kristin, or as he so creepily put it, to "the sisters I've had sex with." That was more than enough to rile Kristin, who grabbed Will, left the table and began making out with him by the pool.

As the trip wound down, Justin made one last attempt at pleasantries with Audrina, asking her if she'd ever come back to Costa Rica, to which she simply responded, "Not with you."

Should Kristin and Brody quit playing around and get together for real? Sound off in the comments.

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