'Eclipse' Moviegoers Get Pumped Up Outside NYC Midnight Screening

'I'm going to see it again and again and again,' one eager Twilighter tells MTV News.

Only eight months have passed since "New Moon" hit theaters, but fans of "The Twilight Saga" have still waited anxiously for "Eclipse" to finally arrive. Thankfully, the waiting ends at midnight. "Eclipse" is officially here, bringing Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner back to the big screen once again. MTV News hit a New York movie theater to gauge fan excitement over the release of "Eclipse," and unsurprisingly, the masses proved quite anxious for the movie's first frames.

"I'm really excited," Hortencia Caires said. "I've read all of the series, all of the books, and I've watched all of the movies. I'm pretty darn stoked! I'm excited for Bella to finally make her choice. People portray Jacob as the guy she wants, but technically, I think she's always wanted Edward. This is the right choice for her."

Indeed, the merit of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob was a hot-button issue among the many Twilighters we spoke with. "I'm Team Edward, duh!" Oladayo Idowu exclaimed proudly. "First, I was Jacob, and then I was Edward, because he's best for [Bella]."

"I'm on Team Jacob because he's cute," Cecilia Le said. "I don't know. There are a lot of reasons!"

Even fellow fans and friends Ellie Miltner and Amanda Lawrence couldn't agree between Edward and Jacob. "I personally just like the vampire thing," Amanda said, while Ellie declared: "I'm a werewolf kind of girl!"

The two friends could agree on one thing: their most anticipated scene. "I'm most looking forward to the scene in the tent where Edward and Jacob are there together," Ellie said, a notion Amanda agreed with. "They said it was really fun to film, so we're excited about that, and he's naked, so that's the best part!"

Other fans were excited to watch the highly touted action scenes, courtesy of acclaimed horror director David Slade. "I'm most excited for the scene where the vampires come out of the water and the big battle begins," Stacey Harris said.

Amanda Scully agreed with Stacey: "The scene where they fight at the end. It's action-packed, and I like the action!"

Even if fans had trouble agreeing on their favorite characters and scenes, they all shared the same infectious enthusiasm for the "Twilight" franchise. One fan even drove all the way to New York from Pennsylvania just to make sure her first viewing of "Eclipse" was extra special.

"I live in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, and I wanted to come to an IMAX theater," Erika Abad said. "I've never been to one."

"I'm really excited," Oladayo said. "I'm here for [the midnight showing], so I'm surprised my mom even let me out! I've been waiting for this movie since I saw 'Twilight.' I'm going to see it again and again and again."

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