Hard Rock Calling Festival Acts Weigh In On Best British Slang

Corinne Bailey Rae, the Hives and more count 'cheeky,' 'sort it out' and some naughty obscenities among fave Brit-isms.

The Brits have a long history of catch-tastic slang, from the cheeky monkeys to the shagadelic mods. Over the weekend at the Hard Rock Calling festival in London, MTV News asked some of the artists sharing the bill to give us their favorite words and phrases. Consider it British Slang 101 — it might be useful should you ever find yourself across the pond.

The Gaslight Anthem

Cu--: "I love the Northern U.K. people when you can say cu-- for anything," dummer Benny Horowitz said. "Like if I hear an American girl say that word, it just makes me, ugh, it's gross, but when they say it, it's hilarious. We toured with a band called Former Cell Mates who basically just called us that about 15, 20 times a day: 'What's up, you f---ing cu--?' "

Sort it out: I'd say mine would be 'sort it out,' " bassist Alex Levine said. "MTV, sort your stuff out.

Corinne Bailey Rae

Don't be daft: "I always say, 'don't be daft,' apparently, and that was pointed out by my American makeup artist. She was like, 'You're always saying, "don't be daft." ' So that means 'don't worry about it.' Your Italian-Americans might say 'fuggedaboutit' — it's the Yorkshire equivalent of 'forget about it.' "

The Hives

Wanker: "Oi, wanker!" frontman Pelle Almqvist shouted. "A packet of crisps and a pint of lager, s'il vous plaît, or is that the wrong language?" To which bandmate Niklas Almqvist responded, "Oh, that's cockney."

Joshua Radin

Bullocks: "If you get angry, I like saying, 'Oh, that's bullocks, mate! It's bullocks mate!' I think you can say that. Or I like cheeky: 'You cheeky bastard.' "

What's your favorite bit of Brit slang? Share with us in the comments!