Maroon 5 Had No 'Distractions' Recording Hands All Over In Switzerland

'The obligation we had was to dig really deep, and we did,' Adam Levine says of working on album with producer Mutt Lange.

For their latest pop-rock opus, [artist id="1230385"]Maroon 5[/artist] headed overseas and into the arms of Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Shania Twain, Nickelback). The band made a getaway to Switzerland, the super-producer's home base, where they worked on their upcoming LP, Hands All Over. And the serene backdrop was just the great escape they needed, frontman Adam Levine says.

"Our biggest weakness is laziness and lack of focus, which mostly comes from me, because I am like that," Levine confessed when MTV News visited the set of Maroon 5's "Misery" video. "But the coolest thing about being [in] Switzerland, we weren't distracted at all. There was nothing to be distracted by, except scenery, which was very beautiful. But once you kind of took all that in, you were left with your own thoughts."

Levine also revealed that apart from battling distractions, the next challenge was to make sure the album rocked.

"It was nice to kind of have that quiet mind, especially for me, because I have the hardest time quieting my mind," the singer said. "It was nice having nothing bothering me, nothing on my mind, nothing to do, no obligations," he recalled. "The obligation we had while we were there was to make the best record we possibly could, and to kind of dig really deep, and we did."

Maroon 5 have sold millions of records, enjoyed the perks of fame (Levine has dated a few Hollywood starlets) and had a number of radio hits, but they say there's still room for even bigger successes. And Hands All Over, due in September, couldn't have come out any better, Levine said.

"I'm so satisfied. I think we all are with what we did, because I literally think it's the best that we could do."

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