Adam Lambert Talks Importance Of Rhinestones, Pre-Show 'Rituals'

'We get in front of the mirror and kind of play every night,' Lambert tells MTV News of makeup artist Sutan on Glam Nation Tour.

Believe it or not, [artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] does not wake up with rhinestones affixed to his cheekbones. The pop star, currently headlining his in-demand Glam Nation Tour, gets creative with his glittery stage makeup moments before showtime.

"We get in front of the mirror and kind of play every night," Lambert told MTV News backstage at a recent sold-out New York City tour stop. "We just create and it's fun. So sometimes there's like rhinestones stuck all over [the] side of my head. Sometimes we give a little Eastern bindi action. Sometimes there [are] no stones whatsoever," he added.

The "we" Lambert was referring to includes makeup guru Sutan, who has long been among Lambert's circle of friends. But fans may know the flamboyant makeup artist from his stint on "America's Next Top Model."

"He's so funny and has such a great energy, and I really like his work," Lambert gushed.

Rhinestones and face glue, however, aren't the only tools Adam needs to prep for a show. In order to maintain his powerhouse, octave-jumping voice, Lambert has finally zeroed in on a secret weapon: aerobics.

"I never used to be one to do any sort of ritual before I performed and just recently, at the start of this tour, I decided to start coming up with a routine. And it's really helped me," the singer said. "I exercise; I do like a cardio thing. If I'm in a hotel with a treadmill I either run for 20 minutes or I get on a stationary bike," Lambert continued. "It makes you feel good, it gets the endorphins going. It also kind of helps warm up the voice. And then I do a [proper] vocal warm-up."

As fun as the face painting is, the "Idol" star knows that ultimately, it's all about delivering the music. "Those two things — just a little exercise and that vocal warm-up — keep me at my best. With fans "waiting out on the street, people are so dedicated, they deserve the best," Lambert said.

His Glam Nation Tour continues through September, before heading overseas later this fall.

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