'Eclipse' Director David Slade Reveals Kristen Stewart's Deleted Scenes

'There's a lovely scene between Angela and Bella where they're just two girls getting along,' filmmaker says of possible 'Eclipse' DVD bonuses.

Last November, "New Moon" director Chris Weitz told us that the DVD release of the second film in the "Twilight" franchise would deliver 20 minutes of deleted footage for hungry fans. But when the disc dropped in March, no such scenes were included on virtually any available version.

Weitz eventually copped to the mistake, but "Twilight" fans might remain wary about promises of deleted scenes for the DVD of "Eclipse." So approach director David Slade's statements with both the usual enthusiasm and abundant caution, because he's promised MTV News that the DVD will definitely contain deleted scenes — and at least two will feature Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan.

"There's a lovely scene between Angela and Bella where they're just two girls getting along and they're just talking about girl stuff, about jealousy," said Slade of the two high school friends. "Bella's so completely and utterly wrapped up in all of this stuff — that Angela has no idea about — [and Bella] is blind to the basic human stuff in front of her. It's a lovely scene, and I'm sure it will be on the DVD. It just stopped the film dead. The film had a pace and it just stopped dead."

Indeed, there is very little in "Eclipse" of Bella in her high school setting: one or two scenes in the cafeteria, a brief graduation scene, and not much else. Rather, the movie focuses on the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle and the growing threat Victoria and her army of newborn vampires pose to the community. With a film that runs just over two hours, a director is simply forced to make tough choices.

"It was one of those things we ended up reluctantly removing, but it will be there for later, for posterity," Slade said of the scene.

Aside from Bella and Angela's conversation, Slade admitted that not much was left on the cutting-room floor. "There's not much fat," he said.

But there is a touching scene between Bella and her father that fans can get excited to see. "We did this one scene of Charlie just telling Bella how proud he is of her, which was wonderful and really touching," Slade said. "But again, it just kind of stopped you."

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