Taylor Lautner Would Ditch His Abs For The Right Role

'If it was for a role that I was passionate about, I would definitely do that,' says 'Eclipse' star.

Would Taylor Lautner ever drastically alter his body for a performance? It's not an unreasonable question — after all, people like Christian Bale and even Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson have been known to drop extreme amounts of weight in the name of their acting careers. As the young "Eclipse" actor's star continues to rise, it's certainly a question that he'll want to ponder as more and more acting opportunities float across his table.

Speaking with MTV News at a special screening of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in New York City on Monday, Lautner said that he would absolutely consider ditching his signature muscular physique — if the right film role came his way, that is.

"If it was for a role that I was passionate about, I would definitely do that," he told MTV.

Although body alterations aren't necessarily high on the list of changes Lautner is looking to make in the name of his career, the sometimes-werewolf heartthrob did say that he's looking to branch out into new genres. He already has a head start on that mission with upcoming leading turns in espionage thriller "Abduction" and superhero flick "Stretch Armstrong," but Lautner is hoping for even more diverse opportunities.

"I want to challenge myself to everything," he said. "I've got a really cool action thriller [in 'Abduction'] and then an awesome superhero movie [in 'Stretch Armstrong'], but I want to find a great drama script."

The one genre he's not itching to dive into? Musicals.

"No," he laughed when asked about the possibility of singing on the big screen. "I mean, people actually tell me that I can [sing], but I think they're just being nice — because I definitely can't! No 'Hairspray 2' [for me]!"

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