Pill Went From 'Zero To 60' To Become 'Hottest Breakthrough MCs Of 2010' Candidate

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"Hottest Breakthrough MCs of 2010" Candidate: Pill

Fourteen months ago, Pill had the trap going ham for his street pharmaceuticals. The young rapper struck gold when he dropped his rugged video for "Trap Goin' Ham." Rapping with a Corona in his hand, he showed women in his neighborhood smoking Newports and dudes rolling blunts.

It was uncut, real and raw, and it gave you a flashback to that unflinching peak of ATL when some of the greats, such as Outkast and T.I., showed their lives in Georgia. Since then, Pill has become a favorite of hip-hop bloggers with his mixtapes 4180: The Prescription, 4075: The Refill and 1140: The Overdose.

"It's surreal, man. When you start off, you hope you can make it to this place," Pill said of his growing popularity. "4180 was my first solo project ever. I went from zero to 60."

With that trilogy done, Pill is working on a brand-new tape, sans the medicinal theme, with DJ Holiday and the Empire. His debut LP should be dropping sometime in the fourth quarter or top of 2011.

"The Medicine, I'm working on it. I wanna make sure I don't rush it. Once you get the deal, you feel like, 'I gotta drop the album,' " Pill said. "I wanna make sure everything is new, everything is fresh. I got music for it. But I just wanna make sure all the feelings I go through, all the experiences, I wanna incorporate everything. Look forward to The Medicine. Not too many features. I don't wanna crowd my first album with a bunch of features and make it a compilation CD. I want it to be more of me giving the people who I am and letting them see where I come from and hear my testimony."

Although the album is still being recorded, Pill said he has a keeper. It's one of his most personal projects yet.

" 'A Song for My Momma,' " Pill said when asked about a must-hear on his LP. "My momma passed away. I went in the studio, and I had been so stressed that week. That night, I was out clubbing, and I got a little tipsy. I was in New York. When I got back, I burst into tears. It caught up with me. I was like, 'Damn, I'm actually doing what I told my momma I was gonna do.' It was like, 'Man, I gotta make her a song.' I was supposed to make her a song, and I been running from it. I knew it was gonna take a lot of emotion and pain to do it. So when I got to the studio, I was boo-hooing still. My pages [that I write my rhymes on] was wet up, but I got through it."

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