Top 10 'The Hills' Moments, From Speidi's Wedding To Lauren's Farewell

We pick the best so far, as the reality series celebrates its 100th episode on Tuesday.

We're more than halfway through the final season of [url id=""]"The Hills"[/url] and Tuesday's (June 29) show will mark the 100th episode of the MTV reality series. Even with Lauren Conrad long-gone, Speidi, Stephanie, Audrina, Kristin and the rest of the crew have been up to some serious shenanigans this season.

Leading up to the show's pivotal 100th episode, MTV News is giving you a cheat sheet of the show's top 10 moments — a list of some of this season's top moments so far is on the way — all to help you get caught up before the "Hills" finale airs July 13.

#10: Stephanie Pratt's Interview With Kelly Cutrone

After landing a coveted job interview with People's Revolution PR maven Kelly Cutrone, Pratt seemed at a loss as to how to actually leave a good impression on your potential boss. For one, telling her your objective is to become a handbag designer? Bad idea. Did she get the job? Of course she did — then she lost it.

#9: Justin Is Christened Justin Bobby

Before Audrina brought her new guy over to meet Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth, the two pals went back and forth over what to call him. "His name is Justin, but he, like, wants to change it to Bobby," Lauren explained to Lo. When the hairstylist/drummer arrived at the girls' apartment, Lo asked if it was OK to call him Justin Bobby, bestowing him with the most memorable nickname in "Hills" history.

#8: Heidi Crashes LC's Work Party

As an intern at Teen Vogue, Lauren was just hoping to stay in the good graces of her boss, Lisa Love. Her party-girl roommate, Heidi Montag, however, just wanted to have a good time. She showed up uninvited to the bash with a small entourage and nearly ended Conrad's internship.

#7 & #6: Holly Gets Tipsy, Heidi Marries Spencer

While it was probably shocking for bride-to-be Montag to watch her sister Holly's drunken antics at her rehearsal dinner, it was probably even more shocking for viewers who realized that Heidi and Spencer really did intend to get married.

#5: Kristin Declares War

There has been bickering on "The Hills," but nothing seemed quite as vicious as the fight between Kristin Cavallari and Audrina, who fought over Justin Bobby at a rooftop party during season five. Plus, until then, we'd never heard any of the show's stars utter anything as juicy as Kristin's now infamous "It's on, bitch!"

#4: Heidi Moves Out

After many ups and many more downs, the dynamic duo that was once Lauren and Heidi really began to fall apart, when one major down, Spencer Pratt, came between the roomies.

Heidi moved out of her apartment with LC to pursue her relationship with Spencer. And although the once-close pair sometimes crossed paths, their friendship was never the same.

#3: LC Chooses Love Over Paris

Maybe Lisa Love was right when she predicted LC was "going to always be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris." But at the time, Conrad really thought she had something going on with boyfriend Jason Wahler. Her pal Whitney Port went instead and Lauren had a pretty terrible summer.

#2 & #1: LC, Heidi Reconcile, LC Exits

It was the moment that had Heidi, LC and "Hills" fans in tears. For a brief moment, the onetime besties reconciled and reminisced about what had made them friends in the first place: They actually liked each other. But the brief reconciliation was too little, too late.

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"The Hills" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.