T.I. Says Lady Gaga 'Transcends All Genres'

'She's a phenomenal talent,' Tip tells MTV News of his collaborator.

Lady Gaga is continuing her tradition of cross-genre collaborations, jumping in the studio with T.I. The pop spectacle has worked with rappers Wale and Kid Cudi, as well as R&B and pop supernova Beyoncé, and now Gaga has been in the lab with the King of the South.

While the ATL hip-hop titan and theatrical pop phenom might make an unlikely pair, T.I. said Gaga's ability to team up with a range of artists comes down to her undeniable skills.

"She's a phenomenal talent, and I think that talent transcends through all genres, all races, all religions, all countries," T.I. told MTV News.

Tip also added that fans of all genres are united on the dance floor and that Gaga's club-friendly hits are central to her appeal.

"I believe that that's one thing that everybody can agree on. If you like a song and I like a song, then we going to both dance and all that here together," Tip said. "I think that that's what she's the best example of."

While Tip gushed about Gaga, he remained tight-lipped about whether the pop star would make an appearance on his upcoming album, King Uncaged. "I'm not gonna let no cats out of no bags," T.I. said. "I think I probably told y'all too much already."

Back in May, T.I. told MTV News that Gaga brought out a different side of him in the studio. "See, this is the thing: We gonna go back in and record some more songs," T.I. said. "But the one we have right now is titled 'Lick It.' I think we both have a tendency to shock the world in a lot of different ways. I just tuned in to another side of T.I."

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