Chris Brown's BET Awards Performance 'Seemed Genuine,' Perez Hilton Says

'He wasn't crying pretty,' Hilton tells MTV News of Brown's tearful Michael Jackson tribute.

Perez Hilton surprised many when he tweeted and said on Nick Cannon's radio show that, after Chris Brown's emotional tribute to Michael Jackson on the BET Awards Sunday night, he's ready to change his opinion of Brown in the wake of the singer's 2009 assault on Rihanna.

When MTV News caught up with the gossip blogger on Monday (June 28), he elaborated further.

"I didn't watch it live, which was probably a good thing because I was able to have a initial reaction when I heard what happened and then I had a different reaction after I saw what happened," he explained. "My initial reaction was skepticism about the incident and thinking it was a ploy for sympathy, and then after I saw it I still had a bit of skepticism, but I was absolutely and definitely impressed by his performance, especially the beginning part.

"And then the breakdown seemed — and seem being the accurate word — genuine because it looked real. When you cry deeply and intensely it's not pretty," he continued. "He wasn't crying pretty. It was ugly and raw and I think a lot of different things were going on there, from his love and tribute to Michael, to having exerted a lot of energy and emotion earlier, to thinking about the Rihanna incident, to probably relief and joy of getting the opportunity to perform again on television at a big awards show."

What stood out to Perez about the performance was that "it was just a reminder of his talent and a reminder that he has been gone away for a while. It was a reminder that he has been gone from the scene for a while, that radio was not supporting and a reminder that he is talented and that maybe now is the time to move on for him and for those of us who have had very strong feelings about his very bad actions. It's not unfair to think negatively of him, but it is unfair to hold that against his head for the rest of his life, if he really has changed his ways and is trying to make amends."

It was the kind of performance that Hilton has said moved him to a point where he thinks he's ready to give Brown another chance.

"I think we, or at least I, am ready to move on as well," he said. "And let him do his thing. The key is what he does next and that the music is good. His next step should be now really protective of what little good will he may have, meaning folks don't want to see him bragging, don't want to see him out partying. What people want to see is him being the best Chris Brown he can be, performing and entertaining and making great music."

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