Will.I.Am Says Black Eyed Peas 'Are Never Breaking Up'

Leader adamantly denies rumors that Fergie is leaving the group.

It's hard to remember it now, but there was a time BF (Before Fergie) for the Black Eyed Peas. If leader Will.I.Am has his way, though, there will never be an AF (After Fergie), despite her international success as a solo star.

Will was forced to clarify this point over the weekend, when rumors surfaced that the Peas were breaking up and that Fergie was headed for permanent solo status. "Don't believe gossip about Fergie leaving the group (we are never breaking up) it's all lies!!!" Will tweeted on Saturday. The comment was in response to claims to Radar Online by an unnamed source that there were tensions between Fergie and Will and that the band's female singer was eager to settle down and start a family with her husband, actor Josh Duhamel.

Speaking to Sirius XM radio on Saturday at Los Angeles' Electric Daisy Carnival, Will told the Area station, "She called me today. I talked to her today, I was like, 'So, Fergie is it true that you're leaving?' She was like, 'You're a f---ing idiot!' I was like, 'You know I'm just jokin' with you, pulling your leg.' We ain't going anywhere. It's a family. People are reading into our vacation [schedules]."

After two hip-hop-based records, BEP added Fergie to their lineup in 2001, in time for their breakthrough album, Elephunk, which featured the hit "Where Is the Love?" Though they had marginal success before, since hooking up with Fergie, the group has had a nonstop parade of international successes, including "Don't Phunk With My Heart," "My Humps," "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta Feeling."

While Fergie tasted huge solo success on her own with The Dutchess in 2006, Will has become an in-demand producer, working, recording with and remixing everyone from Rihanna and Usher to U2, John Legend, Mariah Carey and the late Michael Jackson.

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