Big Sean Keeps 'Grinding' As A 'Hottest Breakthrough MCs Of 2010' Candidate

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"Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010" Candidate: Big Sean

Big Sean's new Olympicks-produced single is called "What U Doin' (Bullsh---in')," but the Detroit MC's heat index is on the rise because he isn't a BS artist.

"The misconception is thinking we just started," Sean said about himself and some of his fellow "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010" candidates such as Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hussle and Pill. "People been grinding for years trying to get their first look. That's the biggest misconception. It's not overnight for real."

Signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label, Sean said he picked up a few jewels by watching his labelmate Kid Cudi, who was in a similar situation last year. Cudi had buzz off mixtapes and hip-hop blogs but eventually had to deliver hit singles and an acclaimed debut album.

"You just learn, man," Sean said. "You can make it as big as you wanna make it. You gotta grind hard. You get the look, now it's time to shine.

"Trying to break through, that's it," he added of his main goal. "You just gotta get that look. People have to start listening, people have to be drawn to you somehow."

Sean has come a long way since his fateful encounter with Kanye at a Detroit radio station in 2005. West liked that Sean had witty punch lines but also told his own story. He was a kid from the D who went to work, sometimes struggled to come up with gas money and loved hip-hop. He wasn't trying to be anything he wasn't. Since then, Sean dropped his Finally Famous mixtape in 2007 and broke ground in his career with UKnowBigSean last year. He's been sprinkling several unrelated songs throughout cyberspace, alongside the likes of fellow upstarts Chip the Ripper, Wale, Mike Posner, his G.O.O.D. Music family members (West, Common, Cudi, Consequence) and the undeniable breakthrough act of 2009: Drake.

"The mixtape circuit and the whole online circuit is more important than anything," Sean said. "More important than air, than all of that. It's all love. That's crazy. The mixtape plays the most important role as far as artists like me, new artists getting heard. We may not be able to get on the radio, we may not be able to do that, but we can touch everybody through the Internet and through these mixtapes."

His LP is named after his first mixtape, Finally Famous.

"The debut album coming out his year," Sean added. "Its executive-produced by Kanye and L.A. Reid. G.O.O.D. Music/ Def Jam. We got Pharrell on there, Kanye, the G.O.O.D. Music fam. A couple of other surprises. Me and Drake collabbed. It's gonna be something to remember. I hope people get a chance to listen. Finally Famous. It's not because somebody just got on and I'm finally famous. It has deeper meaning to that. It's a story."

Sean's debut will be coming this fall, tentatively scheduled to drop around the same time as the next LPs by Kanye West and Kid Cudi. His newest mixtape will come out later this year, and it's called B.I.G. Underground bangers that have come out recently, "Supa Dupa Lemonade" and "High Rise," will be included, along with brand-new material.

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