Drake Visits Grandmother In Exclusive 'Better Than Good Enough' Outtake

Photographer Jonathan Mannion recalls Drake telling grandmother that he had become a millionaire.

After Drake inked his record deal with the Universal Motown family (in partnership with Lil Wayne's Young Money label), the Toronto lyricist visited his grandmother to share the good news.

Photographer Jonathan Mannion was present, shooting images of the pair, and recalled the moment Drake and his grandmother had, which he explains in this exclusive outtake from the MTV documentary "Drake: Better Than Good Enough."

"We went to visit his grandmother in a nursing home," Mannion says. "It was really a conversation between them and they were talking about how they used to do crossword puzzles and learn words together. That kind of stuff. And she was like, 'It's really paying off now.' "

Mannion described his favorite shot from the visit, which depicts an exchange of affection between the two; he said the image hit home for him how rooted in family the So Far Gone star really was.

According to Mannion, Drake notified his grandmother that he signed his record deal and now had millions of dollars in his account.

He asked her what she wanted, telling her that since he finally made it he could now buy her anything in the world she desired

"You have a million dollars!," she said, Mannion recalled.

The rapper corrected her, responded that he has millions in the bank now and she could have anything she wants.

"How about a hug and kiss?," she told him.

"He just leaned over and kissed her on the forehead," Mannion says, as he shows the image on his computer. "It was the sweetest moment. That, I think, is a real reference to how grounded [Drake] is."

MTV followed Drake in the weeks leading up to the release of his new LP, Thank Me Later. The "Drake: Better Than Good Enough" documentary will re-air on MTV Saturday at 12 p.m. and 9 p.m., Sunday at 9 a.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. on MTV2.