Busta Rhymes And Hype Williams To Collaborate On 'Stop The Party' Video

'We're gonna give the people what they want,' MC says of clip for his new single.

If anyone has the right to declare that hip-hop videos can go back to being mini-epics, it's [artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist]. The New York veteran has watched fellow Dream Team members Rick Ross (the F. Gary Gray-directed "Super High") and Diddy (the Hype Williams-helmed "Hello, Good Morning") release big-budget videos. Now, he is ready to make his own massive spectacle with the video for his new single, "Stop the Party."

"We just confirmed the treatment," Bus said this past weekend in Atlanta. "It's looking like the big homie Hype Williams is coming to the table [to direct]. We're looking to shoot it around the BET Awards weekend. So, we're probably gonna shoot it around the end of the month."

Hype and Busta have created some of the most innovative — and expensive — videos in hip-hop history, including the clips for "What's It Gonna Be?!" and "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See."

The video for "Stop the Party," which Busta said will be shot in both New York and Los Angeles, will be in keeping with their earlier collaborations.

"We're gonna give the people what they want. I promise you we got something so special. That song's taking such a life of its own. It feels like that classic, feel-good, 'Busta Rhymes wild out the party'

energy. It was only right we brought the homie Hype back and we do something that falls in line with the other great videos that we done in the past."

Bus told MTV News that even though the recession is still lingering, MCs should splurge a little bit to keep the excitement flowing.

"I think it's feeling like we're in that time frame where it's a necessity for us to roll out our presentation like we value it and care about it as well," he rationalized. "I think we got so caught up in the changing of the climate when the recession kicked in ... the business suffered somewhat."

He also noted that the hard times have resulted in people becoming more self-reliant.

"We were forced to be a lot more concerned with the cost-effectiveness to benefit the people in the Fortune 500 establishments, the major label situations instead of prioritizing the music," he said. "It's definitely back to a time where dudes [are] starting to take their own bread if necessary, and invest in themselves and investing in the lifeline of the culture, the whole entertainment aspect. It's beneficial for us to raise the stock value again."

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