'Eclipse' Premiere: Xavier Samuel Drew Inspiration From 'Wild Things'

Australian actor thought about the Denise Richards movie when emerging from the water as Riley.

In trailers and clips, fans have already been teased with what it will look like when Riley and the army of newborn vamps emerge from the water, on their way to the final battle in "Eclipse." Australian up-and-comer Xavier Samuel, who plays Riley, knew the image would be dramatic, and he had a very interesting movie reference in mind as he got into character for that particular scene.

"Well, I'm lucky it was kind of covered the first night at drama school," he joked to MTV News at the red-carpet premiere of "Eclipse" in Los Angeles on Thursday night. "Let me say a large source of inspiration for that scene was Denise Richards in 'Wild Things.' "

Of course, movie buffs may point out that when Richards and Neve Campbell rise out of the pool in the 1998 movie, they're actually referencing a scene in "Apocalypse Now," but if it worked for Samuel, we won't argue with him. And with "Eclipse" set to open on Wednesday (June 30), he said he now has a game plan for his next big Hollywood move. " 'Wild Things 5,' " he laughed when asked about his next project. "And hopefully that will continue on for a while."

Samuel said that there are few things in this world that would get him as hyped as the fans who had lined up for days outside Hollywood's Nokia Theatre to catch a glimpse of their favorite "Twilight Saga" stars for the premiere. "I was really into Australian football when I was younger," he said. "But I wasn't writing posters or anything like that, but I can understand the degree of hysteria."

So, did he get any marriage proposal from any of the aforementioned fans? "I've only had one," he revealed. "Not [married] yet, but I just thought I'd say, 'Look let's get to know each other. We should meet first, perhaps.' Absolutely [I'd date a fan]."

What other movie references have you seen in the "Twilight" movies? Talk about it in the comments.

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