'Twilight' Actors Recall Interesting Fan Encounters At 'Eclipse' Premiere

'She vomited as soon as she saw me,' Alex Meraz laughs of one fan.

With the level of enthusiasm Twilighters have for the series, it's no surprise that the "Twilight" franchise's three main stars — Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner — have had their fair share of unique fan encounters. However, when MTV News caught up with fellow "Twilight" players Justin Chon and Alex Meraz, we learned that the fan enthusiasm extends to embrace the entire family.

Chon, who plays enthusiastic high schooler and Bella fan Eric Yorkie, recounted a particularly interesting offer from one eager female admirer.

"I had a lady offer me her keys to her cabin somewhere in the mountains," Chon remembered at the L.A. "Eclipse" premiere Thursday night (June 24). "And she said I could come anytime [I] wanted, just [to] let her know because she'll meet me there."

So did Chon take her up on the cabin getaway?

"No, no. I didn't go," he said. "I passed on that one."

Alex Meraz, who plays wolf pack member Paul, described a similar encounter — though his fan expressed her enthusiasm in an entirely different manner.

"I was in Miami [and] a fan was camped out for three nights [to see me]," Meraz said. "She was so excited and dehydrated that she vomited as soon as she saw me." To his credit, Meraz didn't balk at the unique reception — rather, he stuck with the fan. "I held her hair up, I patted her through it. It was a humbling moment because I thought a) she's really excited to see me, or b) she's really, really disgusted to see me," Meraz rationalized. "It kept me very very humbled. I think that sums everything up for me."

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