Taylor Lautner Is 'So Excited' To Start Filming 'Abduction' This Week

'This is a very real action thriller,' he tells MTV News at 'Eclipse' L.A. premiere.

While fans know Taylor Lautner best for his hunky werewolf role in "The Twilight Saga," Jacob Black is taking on a whole new persona for "Abduction," the upcoming thriller from director John Singleton set to begin filming in a matter of days.

"I start [shooting the movie] in, like, three days," Lautner told MTV News on the black carpet of the L.A. premiere of "Eclipse" Thursday night (June 24). "I have a day off tomorrow, I go to New York the next day, and then I go to Pittsburgh. I'm so excited!"

In "Abduction," Lautner stars as a young teenager who discovers a stunning secret: The parents who have raised him his entire life are not his birth parents. When Lautner's character reaches out to his real parents, he finds himself sucked into a deadly world filled with espionage. In addition to its thrilling story, "Abduction" boasts an impressive cast, including Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs and Maria Bello.

"This is a very real action thriller," Lautner said. "It has a great story and a great cast."

In addition to his "Twilight" responsibilities and his impending turn in "Abduction," Lautner's upcoming film slate also includes the starring role in "Stretch Armstrong." One project he's not attached to is "The Butcherhouse Chronicles," despite an extensive IMDb page suggesting his involvement alongside "Glee" actress Lea Michele.

"Sorry, I don't [have any idea]," Lautner said when asked about his involvement with the film. "Let's set the record straight: No 'Butcherhouse!' "

The actor said he's currently committed to filming "Abduction," "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" and "Stretch Armstrong," in that order. "Butcherhouse" or not, there's no question that fans of Team Jacob will enjoy the young actor's big-screen presence for several years to come.

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