'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer 'Very Happy' With 'Eclipse' Film

'It's so much fun to watch,' she says of the third movie in the series.

When it comes to satisfying "Twilight" expectations, be it those of finicky film critics or easier-to-please Twilighters, no opinion carries more weight than the approval of the series creator herself. When MTV News spoke to celebrated author Stephenie Meyer, she said she is happy to just be the author who only has to come out for big premiere events once a year, versus the actors who are out doing promotion for weeks on end. Also, she is very pleased with the third adaptation of her best-selling series.

"Oh, it's really good," she said of "Eclipse." "It's so much fun to watch. One of the ways I judge a good movie is I forget to be critical because I'm just having fun — and with this one, I definitely was having a good time watching it."

When asked about the decision to go back and re-shoot the infamous and highly anticipated "tent scene," Meyer said the changes were minor, but necessary in order to fully capture the words and tone that made the scene so memorable in the book. According to Meyer, the result is "really satisfying."

"It was so simple — it was [just] a blocking issue," Meyer explained of the decision to revisit the pivotal scene. "When Bella and Jacob crawl into the sleeping bag together, he didn't put his arms around her, he was just kind of backed away from her — I wasn't [on set] that day to say, 'Hold it!' [So] we went back and put that in. I'm very happy with that."

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