Miley Cyrus Says 'I'm A Huge Fan Of Michael Jackson'

'Not enough people told him [how great he was],' Cyrus declares of the late King of Pop.

Much like Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus found fame as a child star. So, on the one-year anniversary of the King of Pop's untimely death, the teen queen reflected on the man who paved the way for the pop stars who followed him. Cyrus wished more people had shared with him how much they appreciated what he did during his life.

"It's just crazy again with the media and all that. Nobody ever wrote an article just to say, 'Hey, Michael, we really appreciate what you do!' " she told MTV News. "I wish I would have had the opportunity [to tell him how I felt about him when he was alive]."

Cyrus added that people tend to remember how great an artist was when they have already passed. "Not enough people told him [how great he was] and I think it's sad that you have to wait till it's too late," she added. "But I think he knows."

The "Can't Be Tamed" singer was never able to meet Jackson and tell him how she felt, but she did pay tribute to him in her own way. During a recent appearance on "Good Morning America," she changed the Jay-Z line in "Party in the U.S.A." to reference MJ. Also, there was one other time that really stood out to her.

"I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson. When I met Lady Gaga I was wearing a Michael Jackson T-shirt and, for me, that was completely surreal — because the female artist that inspired me and the male artist that inspired me is a lot of Lady Gaga and a lot of Michael Jackson," she explained. "And a little bit of a mix so that picture [in the MJ T-shirt meeting Gaga] means a lot to me. Again, I think God works in mysterious ways and had me wear that for a reason."

MTV will be remembering the life and music of Michael Jackson all weekend. Don't miss the one-hour special "Michael Jackson's Influence on Music," airing Friday at 6:30 p.m. on MTV.