Kristen Stewart Thinks Some 'Twilight' Merchandise Is 'Really Weird'

'I've heard that there are pretty obscene items that you can get with the boys' faces on them,' the actress says.

With any hugely successful movie franchise comes endless vehicles for promotion and opportunities for sponsored product tie-ins. Filmgoers and consumers alike are likely familiar with posters, fast-food toys, T-shirts, etc. — but with "Twilight"-related merchandise, however, the sky is really the limit. Because fans are so enthusiastic about any "Twilight" product, companies have come out of the woodwork with, in several cases, a lot of surprising products in order to capitalize on the newfangled momentum. Take, for example, "Twilight"-inspired makeup, Sweet Tarts, action figures, greeting cards, party favors — and and the list goes on and on and on. Not to mention the eyebrow-raising adult-themed items.

When MTV News caught up with the films' female star Kristen Stewart, we wondered if she had encountered any particularly odd items upon which her face had been imprinted or embossed, and whether said items provoked any emotional reaction.

"I've heard that there are pretty obscene items that you can get with the boys' faces on them," Stewart said. "And that is just actually really weird — not even funny weird, just weird." Stewart admitted that she considers the line of underwear with her co-stars' faces on them to be "funny weird," not weird-weird. She sounded relieved that her Bella-inspired items are slightly more generic. "I'm actually just on T-shirts and dolls and stuff, to be honest," she said. "I don't think I'm on bed sheets and stuff like that, which is still funny-weird."

What do you think of all the "Twilight" products on the market? What surprising or unique items would you consider buying? Tell us in the comments!

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