'Harry Potter' Star Daniel Radcliffe Isn't Interested In 'Another Franchise'

'Going on to any other franchise after 'Potter' might seem a little bit of a letdown,' he tells MTV News.

"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe is facing conflicting emotions these days. On one hand, Radcliffe is sad to see his time as the bespectacled hero come to an end. But on the other, he is very excited about his post-"Potter" possibilities.

When MTV News caught up with him, his role in the upcoming "All Quiet on the Western Front" had not been announced, but Radcliffe knew enough at the time to tell us: "There's lots of stuff on the horizon, but nothing in the immediate future."

Though the film world is essentially Radcliffe's oyster, given his "Potter" star power, one area in which fans are not as likely to see him is in another big franchise.

"I wouldn't like to get involved with another franchise at all, really," Radcliffe admitted. "I've done that, and I know what that's like, and it's been a wonderful thing. Going on to any other franchise after 'Potter' might seem a little bit of a letdown."

Instead, Radcliffe hopes to focus on making smaller independent films, but he didn't rule out blockbusters completely. "If the script came for an amazing huge film, it would be churlish to say no," he said.

What if said amazing script was for the role of Bilbo in "The Hobbit"? "Potter" director David Yates is rumored to be in consideration for the directing gig, after all.

"I don't think I would be asked to play Bilbo," Radcliffe said. "It's a ridiculous rivalry ["Harry Potter" vs. "Lord of the Rings"] completely built up by the media, but I certainly would be wary of getting involved in another magical fantasy franchise."

What role would you like to see Radcliffe tackle next? What kinds of films should he make? Let us know in the comments!

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