Adam Lambert Says Tour Will Only Be As Wild As His Audience

'If I'm feeling a bunch of people viscerally wanting to grab at me, I'll let them grab at me,' singer says.

Adam Lambert is never one to censor himself, either onstage or during interviews, so when the unpredictable glam-pop star announced his first headlining tour, some expected he'd deliver a wild and raunchy rock-and-roll show.

It turns out Lambert's Glam Nation Tour, currently playing to packed venues across the United States, is a relatively family-friendly affair. MTV News caught up with the singer backstage at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square, where he shrugged off assumptions that his sold-out shows would not be suitable for grandma.

"What did you expect, nudity?" he laughed.

Although the choreography is no more suggestive than a Pussycat Dolls concert, Adam admitted that some nights are more outrageous than others.

"Nothing's as planned as people think. ... I'm kind of fly by the seat of my pants," Lambert told MTV News. "It's like a mirror... and whatever the audience is throwing at you, you kind of reflect, and vice versa. If I'm feeling a bunch of people viscerally wanting to grab at me, I'll let them grab at me, if I can reach them. ... If there's a cute boy in the audience, I met get a little know."

Energy from his band also inspires Adam to push boundaries. Explaining Tuesday night's off-the-cuff face-licking with bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff, Lambert conceded, "I was feeling it. He had extra lip gloss on. It looked pretty. It grabbed my eye."

But no matter how revved up the "Idol" star gets — and no matter how many cute boys are cheering him on from the front row — he's learned his limits since causing a stir by simulating oral sex onstage at the American Music Awards last year. "That's for my bedroom."

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