'Breaking Dawn' Screenwriter Says Split Gives Films 'Room To Breathe'

'There's a little more room to really expand and explore some of the mythology,' Melissa Rosenberg says of final two 'Twilight' movies.

While "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is working on the "Breaking Dawn" scripts, she said the one hitch is trying to figure out where to break the book into two parts — but it's a welcome challenge.

"We're still fudging around with that, not quite sure, but there's a natural area in which to break it," she told MTV News about her work on the films, expected to start shooting later this year. "The first half is really about Bella as a human and a newlywed and then pregnant, and the second half is about her as a vampire and a parent, so somewhere in that transition is where the break is."

No matter what ends up happening in the films, Rosenberg is sure she will have plenty of room to do everything she and the fans want for the films. "What's nice about having it be two films is that there's room to breathe," she said. "If it were to be one, it would so much condensing that I'd have to be leaving story lines by the roadside.

"Here, there's a little more room to really expand and explore some of the mythology," she continued. "And we began that in 'Eclipse,' to be able to get into the invention of Riley's backstory and the creation of Riley and some of the other characters. In 'Breaking Dawn,' there's even more room to do that, and I'm having fun with that."

Rosenberg recently said she was unsure if she'd want to show Bella's infamous birth scene onscreen in "Breaking Dawn," explaining: "You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth. ... It doesn't mean it's any less evocative of an experience."

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