'Drake: Better Than Good Enough' -- Watch An Exclusive Outtake!

Producer Noah '40' Shebib praises his friend Drake in unaired documentary scene: 'All those songs are real.'

Right off the bat, Drake dives into his own subconscious on Thank Me Later, opening his debut with "Fireworks," a candid narrative that touches on his relationship with mentor Lil Wayne, a failed fling with Rihanna, and his estrangement from his father.

In an exclusive outtake from "Drake: Better Than Good Enough," which aired Wednesday on MTV, the MC's producer and close friend Noah "40" Shebib talks about his musical partner's penchant for drawing from his personal life, as the pair are seen working on the introspective Alicia Keys collaboration.

The producer expresses pleasant surprise at how quickly the public has shown an affinity for Drake's confessional tomes, comparing their connection to his own, someone who's been along for the ride since before the mega-success unleashed by So Far Gone.

"It's funny, you know, people are so receptive to Drake's music, and I always find that encouraging because they don't know him," 40 says. "And I really know him, so to me, it's 10 times more special. That's him. All those songs are real. And it sounds so cliché [to say that]."

Shebib then recalled making "The Calm," a fiery number from the So Far Gone mixtape, on which Drake combats mounting personal pressures. He said his friend showed up for a session at his house clutching two bottles of Dom Pérignon, visibly upset after getting into an argument with his mother.

The track captures the moment: "I'm just so far gone/ October's own/ Please leave me alone/ Drunk off champagne/ Screaming in the phone," Drake raps. "See my house is not a home/ F--- is going on?/ Where did we go wrong?/ Where do we belong?/ Caught up in the game/ And it's one I can respond."

"I never seen Drake like that before," 40 said. "I never seen him in a fight with someone in his family or be that upset in my life. And I thought that night, 'Oh sh--, he's going home, we aren't working tonight.' And he just came in the room like, 'Yo, I gotta rap.' "

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