Drake's Appeal Is Willingness To Tell His 'Truth,' Sway Says

'This documentary accomplishes that for Drake,' the MTV News correspondent says of 'Better Than Good Enough.'

He's borne witness to the rise of hip-hop greats, from the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur to Eminem and 50 Cent. And now, MTV News correspondent Sway says Drake shares something in common with the aforementioned MCs: an affinity for the truth.

In "Drake: Better Than Good Enough," the documentary airing Wednesday night (June 23), the "World Famous Wake Up Show" host said fans will get an even clearer view of the Toronto rapper's life.

"Just like 50 Cent has a certain authenticity to the truth, and the way his life was, that led him to become the person he was, Drake — on the flip side of the spectrum — has the same truth about what his life was like growing up that made him the person he was," Sway said, comparing the seemingly opposed hip-hop stars. "Except, [Drake's life] lacks the violence that 50 had. It's a different kind of struggle than what 50 had, but the fact that both those artists were transparent in their truth is what makes them appealing. This documentary accomplishes that for Drake," he added of the MTV News/ @Radical Media project.

The documentary chronicles Drake's life in the months leading up to the release of his successful debut, Thank Me Later. From performances to downtime to late-night studio sessions, Drake allowed cameras to trail him and was candid about his feelings on fame, his struggle to reconcile personal ambition with responsibility and establishing his eventual place in music history.

"I just want people to walk away ... just feeling a little bit more confident about Drake," the rapper says in the documentary. "In no way do I want people to be like, 'He's the best. He's the man.' 'Cause I really do have a desire to grow and get better. I do want people to walk away and be like, 'OK. OK.

Don't miss the "Drake: Better Than Good Enough" documentary, airing Wednesday, June 23, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV!