Bun B On Michael Jackson: 'Let That Man Rest In Peace'

'I just wish that people would leave well enough alone,' ex-UGK MC says.

Friday marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, and as fans reflect on his life and musical legacy, [artist id="3174235"]Bun B[/artist] says we should preserve his memory by remembering what a remarkable entertainer he was, rather than all that other stuff.

"I just wish that people would leave well enough alone," Bun said. "It's still a lot of mess surrounding [his death], it's a lot of people that are willing to entertain people who are looking for mess. I'm not going to name names, 'cause everybody deals with grief differently. I think they should leave well enough alone. If they want to have one thing a year for Mike, that's fine — of course, however they choose to honor him [privately is fine]. But I think they just need to let the fans do their thing [in celebrating]. Let that man rest in peace."

Bun also feels that Michael's three children should be kept out of the spotlight.

"I think they should definitely pull the kids back," he said. "Take his children and pull them back. Dude ain't never want that for his kids. I think that for a life of being misunderstood, and [having]miscommunications and not discussing a lot of what was going on with himself, I think the one thing we could all draw from him was that he didn't want anybody bothering his children. He didn't want them to deal with the type of craziness and madness that comes with being in this industry. Unfortunately, it looks like some people want to pull them in this mess for money, which is unfortunate because the estate of Michael Jackson isn't hurting for no money. A lot of people should leave well enough alone."