Rick Ross Talks 'Blowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.)' Video

The Bawse says Diddy, Bun B turn up in clip for Albert Anastasia EP track; hints Spike Lee may direct 'Live Fast, Die Young.'

Rick Ross has been busy building visuals. At the top of this week, the Bawse and director Parris completed production in New York City on his video for street banger "Blowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.)" with the likes of the LOX, Bun B and Diddy showing up to set. Ross plans to shoot two more clips soon: one for "MC Hammer," and the other for "Live Fast, Die Young," off the upcoming Teflon Don.

"Shout out to Spiff TV," Ross said this past Saturday at Atlanta's Philips Arena. He'd just come offstage, after performing at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash 15 concert.

"Spiff [is directing] 'MC Hammer'. We haven't shot it yet, but shout out to MC Hammer. We talked a couple of times. We just putting everything together," Ross said. "I think it's gonna be real cool to make sure he's in it. I think it's mandatory that Hammer bless the screen, man. Look out for Parris — we shot the first half of 'B.M.F.' in Carol City [and] Little Haiti," the Miami MC said of the Florida backdrops. "Everybody, they just gonna come [show] respect for the streets, the movement is feeling good."

As for the video for the Kanye West-produced "Live Fast, Die Young," Ross is thinking bigger budgets and an A-list director. He recently took to his Twitter and posted a photograph of himself and Spike Lee, hinting that he and one of Brooklyn's finest may be teaming up soon.

"What I actually tweeted — and you should actually follow me @rickyrozay — when I was in Hawaii, me and Kanye did a different kind of record and it may take a different kind of director. It was me, up in the middle of the night reflecting. It was an actual picture [from when] Spike came out to my birthday. I had a private get-together in Miami. Spike came out, we discussed a few things. It's one of those things [that] I call 'speaking it into existence.' I feel once I put something in my mind, I can accomplish it. Shout out to the big homie F. Gary Gray. I can't commend him enough. We pulled that off with 'Super High,' " Ross said of landing the Hollywood director for the visual. "Whoever would have thought? It's something that's most definitely possible."

While the bearded MC is looking forward to the "Live Fast" video, with whoever may sign on to direct, he said it was important to keep his priorities straight.

"First and foremost, we gotta release the record," he smiled, referring to "Live Fast, Die Young." "It's real close. I'mma tell you that. Thanks to everybody for the support on 'Super High.' We about to crack top 10 on that. I told myself, once I crack top 10 with the first record, I was gonna come with that next big one. It's feeling like in the next week or two, we could be coming with it. It's something I'm most definitely anticipating, all the pieces to the project fell into place. July 20, Teflon Don in stores."

After seeing Ross' Hollywood-style "Super High" video, are you eagerly anticipating more clips? Let us know in the comments!