Weezer Team Up With Ryan Adams For 'Stirring' New Song

'He has a lot of wild and crazy energy,' Rivers Cuomo says of collaborator.

He may still be celebrating the U.S. soccer team's heat-pounding 1-0 World Cup win over Algeria — a win he predicted, to be honest — but [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist] frontman and avowed soccer nut Rivers Cuomo isn't about to let a little partying stand in the way of his day job.

Because, though he's gripped with World Cup fever, Cuomo is already hard at work on a whole new batch of Weezer songs — and it sounds like fans might be hearing some of the new stuff sooner rather than later.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to say here, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut," Cuomo told MTV Radio. "But, uh, people are going to be hearing new Weezer very soon."

Cuomo wouldn't say just when or where the new Weezer material would be made available — shoot, they just released "Represent," the unofficial anthem for the U.S. men's World Cup team, on Friday. But, in keeping with the collaborative spirit he harnessed for Weez's 2009 album Raditude (which saw him work with the likes of Lil Wayne, the All-American Rejects and Dr. Luke), it sounds like he's been teaming up once again, this time with slightly rumpled troubadour (and husband of Mandy Moore) [artist id="961043"]Ryan Adams[/artist].

"I just wrote a song with Ryan Adams. Not Bryan, Ryan," Cuomo laughed. "It's a very stirring and emotional and powerful Weezer song. He was really inspiring to work with. ... He has a lot of wild and crazy energy. It's gonna be on the Weezer record. He plays lead guitar on it, but it will be on the Weezer record, for sure."

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