Jeremy London Thought He Was 'Going To Die' During Alleged Kidnapping

'Party of Five' actor insists abduction happened, but others have cast doubt on his story.

Reacting to reports that have cast doubt on his tale of an abduction during which he was allegedly forced to smoke drugs and drink, former "Party of Five" star Jeremy London made his first statements about the incident on Tuesday, telling RadarOnline, "I thought I was going to die."

London, 37, a recovering addict, said the alleged incident in Palm Springs, California, a week and a half ago really rattled him. "It's been an absolute nightmare," London said in the interview, which appeared to be shot on a camera phone in a car and during which his voice was shaky. "First of all, I want to say [the incident] actually did happen. It was one of the worst days of my life. I thought I was going to die. Thank God I made it out alive."

The actor said his alleged captors put a gun to his head and threatened his family, adding, "We're working closely with the Palm Springs Police Department to get the rest of the guys. There's one guy in custody. There's two more out there."

The one confirmed suspect, Brandon Adams, 26, has been charged with kidnapping, robbery, possession of stolen property, vehicle theft and carjacking. According to Radar, in a statement released on Monday, Adams' lawyer said the pair had "partied together" on the evening of the alleged abduction. "I'm confident that a jury will find that the allegations are just not true," said attorney Gregory Geist.

People magazine reported that London has been involved in a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife, Melissa, over their 3-year-old son, Lyrik. But it appeared the two had reconciled, since reports have emerged that Melissa, who has also allegedly struggled with drugs, was with London earlier on the night of the alleged kidnapping. The former child actor lashed out at his mother, his twin brother Jason and his brother's girlfriend in the interview, claiming they were spreading "outrageous lies" about the incident. London added that he hasn't spoken to his family in six months, has sent legal threats to them to stop talking to the press and is seeking a restraining order against them.

According to Radar, one of the most damning pieces of evidence casting doubt on the kidnapping allegation are reports that Melissa was dropped off at home by the alleged abductors when she decided she wanted to leave. London was trying to change a tire when three men stopped to help him on June 10, after which he offered to drive them home and they allegedly held him at gunpoint and drove him around for five hours, reportedly forcing him to smoke crack cocaine and amphetamines and then purchase alcohol and hand it out in a gang-infested area of Palm Springs.

London is adamant that the incident occurred, saying in the Radar interview that the kidnappers told him, "Hit this! Hit this or I'm gonna kill you!" as they held a gun to his head and threatened to go after his son. "I had a gun put to my head," he said. "I had my family threatened."

Melissa London backed up her husband's story, saying that the tony Palm Springs area has been hit by a crime wave lately. "Police told us this is the new thing to do down here," she said. "Rob people at gunpoint and make them do drugs so they won't be reliable witnesses. It's happening more and more."

When asked if police have any doubts about London's version of events, Palm Springs Police spokeswoman Melissa Desmarais told the site, "No, not at this point. Our investigators had enough information to arrest a suspect and the investigation is ongoing." Asked about Melissa London's claims that kidnapping and forced drug-taking incidents are on the rise in the Palm Springs area, a Palm Springs Watch Commander Sergeant said, "We have not had a rash of them — they are not commonplace here."

Speaking to People on Monday, Jason London said, "I'm glad my brother's okay, but I have serious questions about what transpired. His health is our number one concern."