Kristen Stewart Likes Changing Directors For Each 'Twilight' Film

'It's comforting to know that things are being shot well,' she says of 'Eclipse' director David Slade.

When "30 Days of Night" director David Slade was chosen to helm [movie id="454504"]"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,"[/movie] it was clear that the third film would get a darker, more violent tone. But star Kristen Stewart got something more: a sense of relief that the story would be done right.

"If you have to say, 'Yo, this story's not being told,' it's really scary," she explained to MTV News. "Then you're not focusing on [what you need to focus on]. You should be able to look on your own thing, [so] we can rely on him on that level. He knows the story. He also gave us room to do our thing, because he realizes there's a pretty established dynamic and you can't go changing it."

Stewart said Slade concentrated a lot on the look of the film. "Yeah, I mean, David, he's really interesting to watch, technically, because he's obsessed with his camera," she said. "He loves it. It's comforting to know that things are being shot well."

Next up, Stewart will work with "Dreamgirls" director Bill Condon on the last two "Twilight" installments, "Breaking Dawn," and she's looking forward to getting yet another new perspective on the series. "Also it's cool to introduce your character to a new director, because it provides a [chance to do a] lot of reconsideration," she added. "It's like, 'No, think about it again, because I've got some new ideas about it.' "

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