'The Hills' Recap: Audrina Breaks Up With Ryan

Meanwhile, Kristin warns Allie and McKaela not to cross her path again.

Things haven't been looking great for Audrina Patridge and her spiky-haired musician boyfriend, [artist id="1246123"]Ryan Cabrera[/artist], so it was hardly surprising the couple called it quits on Tuesday night's episode of "The Hills."

After tearing up at Ryan's concert last week and leaving in the middle of his set, Audrina finally offered the first coherent explanation for her waterworks. "In my mind, I feel like it's coming to an end," she told Stephanie, Lo and Kristin while out for dessert. "I made a mental list of pros and cons. It's not going to work."

But Audrina, it's nearly your birthday! You must do something fun for the big 2-5! Stephanie smartly suggested a boat ride in Marina Del Rey. But when Kristin asked if she should invite Justin Bobby, Audrina remained mum.

Later, Lo, Stephanie and Kristin debated whether they should indeed invite JB to the shindig. "I just don't want him to take advantage of the situation," Lo worried. "The thing with Justin and Audrina is, they're always going to be in each other's lives," Kristin countered. But Lo was sure Justin had an agenda. "I'm worried if Justin comes, the opening will be there, and she might take it. You can see it when they just talk."

One person who won't be receiving an invite to Audrina's party? McKaela — because where McKaela goes, Allie follows. Just as the gang was settling in for a night of partying at the club (and Kristin began administering a "love squeeze" to Brody), in walked the ever-innocent McKaela with her much-disliked gal pal Allie. And once again, Allie confronted Kristin, trying to convince her that she didn't break into Brody's apartment looking for the now-infamous lost ring. "You have absolutely no reason to hate me, Kristin," Allie yelled. The two engaged in a short, heated game of grabbing each other's wrists, which was the last straw for Kristin, who finally decided to leave. The next day, Kristin ran into McKaela while picking up Lo for lunch, leading to another awkward exchange.

"Is this really about Allie or is this about me dating Brody?" McKaela asked. To which Kristin replied that they weren't dating and that the next time McKaela saw Kristin, she should go the other way.

Audrina, meanwhile, finally got some closure of her own by going over to Ryan's house to end things. "You think we're done?" Ryan asked, and Audrina agreed.

After a good cry, however, Audrina was ready to par-tay! All of Audrina's friends (including Justin Bobby but not Ryan) convened on a sailboat to drink, eat cupcakes and be merry. Audrina later found Justin Bobby alone on the deck of the boat. They talked about the reasons for Audrina breaking up with Ryan and how both Audrina and Justin Bobby have grown since their own split. "This is a good place to be," Justin said. Though where that "place" is remains a mystery to us, as the two sailed off into the wild blue yonder.

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