Rabid Adam Lambert Fans Line Up 24 Hours Before New York Show

For Lambert, 'I'd sleep on the sidewalk again,' one fan says.

NEW YORK — Scorching temperatures and puzzled looks from passersby could not keep Adam Lambert fans from lining up outside New York's Nokia Theatre a full 24 hours in advance of his Glam Nation Tour stop.

For Eileen Monahan, spending the night sleeping on a "disgusting" Times Square sidewalk in front of the venue was the only way to guarantee she had the best spot inside the general-admission concert. "I want to be up front," insisted Monahan, before admitting, "[For Adam], I'd sleep here again."

While Monahan only trekked from the Bronx, many traveled thousands of miles to see their favorite artist rock New York City. Fans from Denmark, Venezuela, England, Japan and Singapore mingled with Georgia peaches, Connecticut natives and Californians, making Adam's Glam Nation a truly international affair. Even Peru had a message for Adam, via superfan Lilli Becker. "Peru represent! We love you, baby! I have a llama for you," exclaimed Becker, just in case Adam ever wants a ride over the Andes.

Perhaps the most exotic fans on the Lambert line were the dudes. Brooklyn native Chris Leavitt fessed up that his lady was the one to convert him into a Glamily member initially, but now he's excited to "glam out" with the best of them. (His homemade jeans — complete with hand-drawn dragon and space rocks — certainly spoke volumes.) Elsewhere, 17-year-old Brooklyn boy Billy Tropea was stoked to make Adam Lambert's Glam Nation his first concert experience ever. "His hair is friggin' awesome. I really want his hair," he said. "I'm very jealous."

Some of Adam's more seasoned followers insist they haven't been this gung-ho about a musician since the days of Beatlemania. "I was still stalking Paul McCartney for a while. I was on his website all the time, but now ... sorry, Paul. Adam's taken your place," said Claudia Cohill.

Armed with bags of snacks, bottles of water, and enough homemade signs to keep office supply stores in business through 2020, fans passed the time by taking bathroom breaks at a nearby McDonald's and dishing about their favorite glamtastic performances (his sultry six-minute acoustic take on "Whole Lotta Love," which he debuted on tour, seems to be number one for most).

As the mass of Lambert lovers stretched around the block toward West 45th Street, fans promised each other there would be no shoving once the doors opened at 7 p.m.

"We made friends with people [in line]. We like being fair. No cutting," promised 20-year-old Melanie Pellegrino. But if any latecomers try to sneak their way up front, the early birds are ready to throw some 'bows. "I'm willing to cut a bitch!" one joked.

Lambert's tour moves on to Connecticut and New Jersey after his sold-out shows in New York.

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