Will Roscoe Dash's Party Anthems Earn Him 'Hottest Breakthrough MC Of 2010' Title?

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"Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010" Candidate: Roscoe Dash

Over the weekend at Atlanta's Birthday Bash, Roscoe Dash performed in front of 20,000 hometown fans. The crowd at Philips Arena is one of the realest you can perform for; if they're not feeling you, your time onstage could seem like an eternity. But backstage before his set, Dash was on straight chill mode.

"This my first [Birthday Bash]. I'm finnin' to put on for my city," he said, looking at everyone from behind a pair of shades. "I try not to think about it too much so I won't get nervous. I'm just gonna go in here and give it my all, give them a good show."

Dash had every right to be confident, because his song "All the Way Turnt Up" is not just one of the most popular songs in the city, but in all of hip-hop. The record by itself could have qualified Dash to be a candidate for "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010." "Turnt Up" built instant excitement in the clubs with an undeniable bass-laden track and lyrics tailor-made to sing along to, not to mention Roscoe's off-key but melodic sing-songy flow.

"Its amazing, man," Roscoe said of his success. "I've been doing music my whole life. So for me to find a way to finally get my foot in the door, and give these people me as a person, rather than just an artist, I'm enjoying it."

"Turnt Up" was so popular, Soulja Boy agreed to appear on the album version of the record, while lauded MCs such as Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco freestyled on the track. In the past few weeks, Dash has evaded the tag of one-hit wonder with another certified banger, "Show Out."

The second single from Dash's Ready Set Go! debut (due July 20) basically follows the same formula as "Turnt Up," and the results are similar too. Cam'ron and Rick Ross have already made unofficial remixes, while DJs have made it a favorite in clubs and on radio.

"I just go in," Dash said about setting up a string of party anthems. "I just do me. I never wake up and go to the studio and say, 'I'mma make an album song or a mixtape song.' I just go in and just do me."

But breaking through requires more than just a couple of hits. You have to have a deeper impact when it's all said and done. Roscoe said he already knows what he has to do to cause an earthquake in the game.

"Hard work and dedication, same thing that got me here," he assessed. "I gotta keep doing it, man, and not let it break me down. This industry has its ups and down. It'll take a toll on you. It's about moving forward."

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