Game Opens Up About Reuniting With Dr. Dre For The R.E.D. Album

'Dre's a friend to me, so it was just, 'Let's go get it in,' ' Game tells the AP.

Although Dr. Dre is one of the biggest producers in the world, Game said that reuniting with The Chronic legend was just a matter of a phone call. The Cali MC said he and Dre started working together again on his upcoming The R.E.D. Album after the influential producer simply dialed him up.

"Dre just called me one day, and he was like, 'You wanna work?' and I'm like, 'Yeah,' and he's like, 'Come down.' I'm like, 'Cool, see you in 30,' " Game told The Associated Press. "That was it. Game and Dre back together again."

Dre and Game collaborated on the MC's debut, The Documentary, when Game first joined the producer's Aftermath label. Although Game told MTV News that he titled his follow-up, Doctor's Advocate, to pay homage to and show his support for Dre, the Compton MC worked with a range of producers on his sophomore album. The MC also maintained that he didn't miss working with the Doc on the 2008 album LAX.

Game said collaborating with Dre was a huge motivating factor in putting together his latest project. "The motivation is number one, and foremost is always my children and second just being back with Dre," Game said. The MC, who is renowned for his infamous rivalry with fellow Dre protégé 50 Cent, added that the recording process was very chill this time around as well.

"I was really excited and looking forward to every day going in the studio, working," Game said. "No stress, no beef. It just feels good to be doing music the way that I want to do it. Dre's a friend to me, so it was just, 'Let's go get it in. I'm ready.' "

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