Daniel Radcliffe Thought Justin Bieber Was A Woman

'I'm so out of the loop when it comes to pop culture that I kind of don't even try anymore,' 'Harry Potter' star admits.

Radiohead, Hope of the States — these are the kinds of bands Daniel Radcliffe listened to for years to get into character for his scenes in the various "Harry Potter" films. Sometimes at 6 in the morning, he'd pop into the makeup chair and start blasting old-school ska and punk tunes for all to hear.

That's the sort of stuff that gets Radcliffe pumped up to do his job, so it should come as no surprise that he's rather less familiar with the musical stylings of Justin Bieber. But it is a surprise — and a pretty funny one, at that — to hear who the "Potter" star thought was actually behind hits like "Baby" and "One Time."

"I only heard Justin Bieber for the first time two weeks ago," Radcliffe told MTV News. "I genuinely thought it was a woman singing. I'd never heard it before. Is it big in England yet?"

Well, Bieber's My World dropped in the U.K. in January and went gold by April, and while the pop star's upcoming tour will keep him within the confines of North America through 2010, there's always the possibility that he'll cross the pond again next year. Just don't count on Radcliffe to be in attendance when that happens.

"I'm so out of the loop when it comes to pop culture that I kind of don't even try anymore," he admitted.

That's not to say he's completely disconnected from everything mainstream. Radcliffe has much respect for the artist who's produced tunes like "Alejandro" and "Telephone."

"I know who Lady Gaga is," he said. "I think she's kind of amazing. She's really got a voice. My god. Not my kind of music, particularly, but she can really sing."

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