'American Idol' Singers Say Lee DeWyze, Tim Urban Will Have Most Groupies On Tour

'Idol' tourmates also told MTV News who's the messiest of the bunch.

By the time the "American Idol" finale rolled around on May 25, Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox had spent over four months living in Los Angeles and performing at the Nokia Theatre. In that time, the finalists and the rest of the aspiring singers got to know each other in a sort of reality show commune: living in the same hotel, rehearsing together, hanging out.

They became a big family in many ways, and now they're about to embark on a giant road trip as the "American Idol" tour kicks off on July 1 outside Detroit. And as this season's contestants get set to travel the country — playing over 50 dates from coast to coast — they already know what to expect when it comes to the important aspects of a live tour: who's going to be the messiest and who will have the most groupies.

Not that they all agree. Casey James is convinced Aaron Kelly will have the most fans screaming his name. "He's a chick magnet," James told MTV News.

Yet Kelly has a feeling Tim Urban will be the most groupie-centric "Idol"er. And who does Urban believe will be surrounded by the most screaming tweens? Put that question to the floppy-haired crooner-next-door and all he'll offer is a sheepish, "Uhhhhh ..."

But who is the ultimate groupie-getter? The singers' opinions are largely split between Urban and champ DeWyze. Ask DeWyze, though, and he'll simply declare, "We're all pretty different."

That may be true when it comes to their talents onstage, but many of them share one thing in common: They're incredibly messy. Whose hotel room will be the most cluttered? Who will turn the tour bus into a garbage-strewn battleground?

According to the singers, Bowersox is sloppy, Didi Benami is slovenly, Siobhan Magnus is untidy and Andrew Garcia is grubby. But, once again, DeWyze takes the crown, tagged as the messiest by no fewer than five of his cohorts.

For his part, however, DeWyze is convinced another former "Idol" hopeful is the most unkempt. "Andrew Garcia!" he declared. "I'm gonna say that right now!"

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