Miley Cyrus' MTV Live-Stream Show: The Good Girl Grows Up

During six-song set in L.A., singer speaks her mind and performs 'Who Owns My Heart' for the first time.

Her new album is available now. She has a brash new attitude to go along with it. And both of those things were on display Monday night (June 21), as Miley Cyrus took to the House of Blues in Los Angeles for a live-streaming concert called, appropriately enough, "Miley Cyrus: Live in L.A."

Her six-song set — streamed on — showcased songs from her just-released Can't Be Tamed and gave the 17-year-old Cyrus a chance to get a bit rebellious, speaking her mind on a host of topics (including abusive relationships and gay rights), prowling the stage with purpose and even working a profanity or two into the mix.

She kicked things off with the title track from Tamed, a strutting, steamy thing that saw her spitting lyrics, tossing her hair, popping her hips and even re-enacting the faux kiss she shared with a female dancer earlier this month on "Britain's Got Talent" (though, perhaps in the spirit of equal opportunity, she also shared a fake smooch with a male dancer). But it wasn't all sass. At song's end, Cyrus showed off her pipes a bit too, extending a "knoooooow" to glorious lengths.

That was followed by another Tamed track, "Who Owns My Heart" (which Cyrus introduced by telling the rapt audience that it was the first time she'd ever performed the track live), which galloped along on a shuffling beat and was given added punch thanks to the addition of a live band. There was some heavy panting from Cyrus and a big-time chorus — "Who owns my heart/ Is it love, or is it art?" — that had the crowd shouting along. Loudly.

She changed things up a bit with "Liberty Walk," a song she co-wrote and dedicated to "women who are stuck in abusive relationships ... to empower them." The song — which features a stomping beat and even a bit of rapping from MC — also gave her the chance to slip a couple of "sh--s" by the censors too ... much to the delight of the audience.

Up next was her cover of Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," which featured some genuinely windswept guitar work, but not Poison main man Bret Michaels (the two performed the tune together last week on "Good Morning America") though she did dedicate the song to him and urged the audience to "pray" for his continued health (she also said the song was her mom's favorite).

"Rose" was followed by the anthemic "Robot," which saw the reappearance of her backup dancers, and then the live stream ended with "Heart Beats for Love," a power-packed ballad that Cyrus introduced by saying that she wrote it "mostly for my gay fans," adding that she abhorred the fact that, "We have people on this earth who hate someone for loving another."

She then launched herself into the song, eyes closed, making a pair of peace signs with her hands, and by the time the tune had reached its crescendo, everyone in the audience was doing the same, showing (much like everything else on this night) not just the power and confidence of Cyrus' new songs, but the sway she holds over her fans too. Sway she's apparently decided to use for good. And, really, that speaks a lot louder than some fake girl-on-girl action any day of the week.

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