Pharrell Williams Talks Obama-Inspired Website K!

Kids are 'going to be the deciders of the future, so we need to educate them and do it now,' N.E.R.D star says.

Pharrell Williams was so inspired by President Barack Obama's election that the multiplatinum producer/artist decided to become a part of the change that Obama spoke about so often.

The musician launched a public affairs and cultural website, K!, that he hopes will continue the conversations many tweens were introduced to during Obama's rallies.

Although he cited CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the BBC as outlets for politically minded older adults and the Huffington Post for young adults, Williams said he asked himself where students went to find out about government.

"If you're somewhere between the age of 12 to 18 or 14 to 20, where are you getting your information from?" he asked MTV News. "What about the kid that's deciding where he wants to go in his life? Where is he getting that from? We didn't have anything that matched that demo and we didn't have anything that matched that voice."

The N.E.R.D star recruited Mimi Valdes, a former editor at both Vibe and Latina magazines, to help with the effort.

"She understands the voice," Williams explained. "It's a colorless voice. That's what this generation is, these kids are glass: They're not black, white or purple. They're human beings. They're gonna be the deciders of the future, so we need to educate them and do it now."

The site focuses on politics, green issues, technology, business, games, science, technology, fashion, health and sports. Entertainment is also a channel on the site, however, Williams cautioned that his site would not include what he felt was trivial gossip. Rather, he said K! will be informative even as it touches on Hollywood-tinged content.

"If you see Rihanna on there, we'll be asking her 'What book are you reading?' " Williams said.

The K!dult Youth & Leadership Conference, featuring a performance by Williams and guest speakers, is set for Saturday in New York.

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