Lady Gaga Not Banned From Yankees Clubhouse After Crashing It

General manager says Gaga and other celebs are welcome, just not after a loss.

New York native [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] loves the Yankees. And on Friday night after the game between the Yankees and the Mets at Yankees Stadium, she waltzed right into their clubhouse to tell them how much she loved them. But apparently, the team wasn't thrilled with her antics, particularly since they'd just lost the game.

Gaga arrived at the game in nothing more than a bra, bikini bottom and a pin-striped Yankees jersey, according to the New York Post, and reportedly talked her way into the clubhouse, where she even met with several of the players. Sources told the paper she was also drinking whiskey and grabbing her chest during her visit.

"That was the wrong time and the wrong place," New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman told ESPN about the incident.

"She's not banned," Cashman said, clarifying the rumor that Yankees co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner had barred Gaga from the clubhouse after the incident. "Celebrities aren't banned. If Michael Jordan showed up here, he would have access [to the clubhouse], but not after a loss."

Cashman placed the blame on employees for letting her in, when they only should have done so if the Yankees had won the game. "There is just a time and place," he said. "It is not her fault."

"Our guys know that when it's time to play, it's time to play, and they're used to it," Yankees manager Joe Girardi added about the situation.

Earlier this month, Gaga also made a scene at a Mets game at Citi Field, where she showed up in bikini-like bra top and a large leather jacket. She even gave the middle finger to one person who tried to take a photo of her.

Speaking with MTV News during the World Series last year, Gaga compared herself to Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera. "I've actually been making a lot of Yankee analogies in my interviews lately because I get asked, 'Do you feel pressure? How do you feel when someone says this? Or do you feel like you have to top yourself?' " she explained. "I say I do feel like I have to top myself. But I feel like I'm Rivera. I'm a closer."

Do you think celebrities like Lady Gaga should have special privileges at their favorite teams' clubhouses? Was she wrong to visit the Yankees? Share your opinions below.