Miley Cyrus Says She Never Reads 'Anything That's Bad' About Herself

'Can't Be Tamed' singer says her team protects her from 'the bullcrap that people write about me.'

Miley Cyrus is certainly growing up. As the 17-year-old expresses her growth on her new album, Can't Be Tamed, she's been criticized by some who say she's trying to be too old too fast. But the Disney star has a message for those who may not approve of her: She doesn't read what you have to say anyway.

"I try to think of really just the positive things. My family, we're only allowed to have 10 channels basically at our house, because we don't want to see any of that stuff," she told MTV News on Friday (June 18), days before celebrating the release of her album with a concert in L.A. to be live-streamed on MTV sites. "So the people that are around me, they bring me the good things, and I never see anything or read anything that's bad because it's never e-mailed to me by my manager or publicist or whoever."

Cyrus claimed to be deliberately ignorant of any gossip or negative talk about her. "That's the job of the team that I have around me: to make sure that those things aren't talked about," she explained.

Well, now that we are talking about "those things," does she have a response to the criticism that her work has become too mature for her fanbase? "A lot of people say there's things that are on the Internet about me, or whatever, and then they go, 'Well if that's you, how do you expect people to buy your record when your fans are kids?' " she said. "My record isn't the bullcrap that people write about me. My record is what I want to say and what I think is important."

No matter what, Miley said, she's got the support of her parents, and that's what's important. "I'm a very inspirational person," she said. "At the end of the day my parents are proud of me, and I have a feeling if your job is to bring other people down, you may not have the same response."

If you were Miley, would you respond to critics or ignore them? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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